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Friday, January 01, 2010

Yeah! 2010!
(Will be changing blog url soon!)

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! :)
Finally it's year 2010! Well, I'm pretty happy because 2009 have not been a very smooth year for me.
Reason? All the bad thing happened to me in year 2009. Things that I nv tio before, all tio in 2009.
Hahaha. And I really cant wait for 2010! It's like.. finally man. Gees.

Well, I spend my New Year count down at Jeryl's(Beibi's friend) house.
Told Beibi that I wasn't able to make it there. And.. I appear in front of him at 11.50pm? Hahaha.
Count down together for 12am in the room.
While we heard ppl shouting.. "8..7..6..5.."
Suddenly Mk came into the room. I was like..
HAHAHAH! He came in at sucha wrong timing. LOL!
Anyway, he went out at 12am sharp. And yes, our lips were locked tight to each other :)
I bet all the couples did the same thing at 12am sharp la!

As for the singles, hugging around with friends and started greeting everyone Happy New Year. Hahaha.
Sound pathetic. But yea, watching Beibi gambling the whole night.
Drank a lil bit. And everyone went to play basketball in the morning 7am!
How cool man! Been age since I last touched a basketball.
Anddddd.. Beibi lose A.B.C to me. HAHAHA. Gonna be a joke for 1 week. :p

Recently I'm addicted to Cruel Temptation;妻子的诱惑 & Together;当我们同在一起.
Advantage for having mio tv at home! Everyday waiting for new ep to release.
Currently waiting for Together ep 32 :( So sad laaaa. Xiao Bei came back alr!!! But JianHong is with Tarzan now. Wtffff.
Wonder what will happen next. Hmmm..

Only 3 photos to share. :)
Beibi's Spiffy. Big round eyes! Aww..
Jiejie bought this pimple gel from Sasa.
The promoter said it's kinda good! Customers always come back to get more.
Most importantly, its affordable! Cost abt 12 bucks only :D

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