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Friday, January 01, 2010

Yeah! 2010!
(Will be changing blog url soon!)

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! :)
Finally it's year 2010! Well, I'm pretty happy because 2009 have not been a very smooth year for me.
Reason? All the bad thing happened to me in year 2009. Things that I nv tio before, all tio in 2009.
Hahaha. And I really cant wait for 2010! It's like.. finally man. Gees.

Well, I spend my New Year count down at Jeryl's(Beibi's friend) house.
Told Beibi that I wasn't able to make it there. And.. I appear in front of him at 11.50pm? Hahaha.
Count down together for 12am in the room.
While we heard ppl shouting.. "8..7..6..5.."
Suddenly Mk came into the room. I was like..
HAHAHAH! He came in at sucha wrong timing. LOL!
Anyway, he went out at 12am sharp. And yes, our lips were locked tight to each other :)
I bet all the couples did the same thing at 12am sharp la!

As for the singles, hugging around with friends and started greeting everyone Happy New Year. Hahaha.
Sound pathetic. But yea, watching Beibi gambling the whole night.
Drank a lil bit. And everyone went to play basketball in the morning 7am!
How cool man! Been age since I last touched a basketball.
Anddddd.. Beibi lose A.B.C to me. HAHAHA. Gonna be a joke for 1 week. :p

Recently I'm addicted to Cruel Temptation;妻子的诱惑 & Together;当我们同在一起.
Advantage for having mio tv at home! Everyday waiting for new ep to release.
Currently waiting for Together ep 32 :( So sad laaaa. Xiao Bei came back alr!!! But JianHong is with Tarzan now. Wtffff.
Wonder what will happen next. Hmmm..

Only 3 photos to share. :)
Beibi's Spiffy. Big round eyes! Aww..
Jiejie bought this pimple gel from Sasa.
The promoter said it's kinda good! Customers always come back to get more.
Most importantly, its affordable! Cost abt 12 bucks only :D

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Changing blog url soon.

Well, it's pretty upset that I couldn't stick to this url anymore :(
Pisaca is fucking troublesome man! Stated that every blogger acct have limited space for the pics.
If you exceed, then wont be able to post anymore pic.. Sigh. Therefore, I needa get a new url real soon!
Will be start blogging at my new blog from coming Monday onwards I guess.
So please take note yea!!

K, it's 3.50am right now and &blogging as well as video cam with C-von Darlingggg.
It took me abt 1 hr to finish this short post man. Because I'm busying typing on the msn while she's relaxing,
using her headphone. -.- Damn it. I gonna get one soon! So that I can chat with Beibi too!
Hahaha. Okay soon soon..

Tml everyone is going out to count down for new year eve :( I'll be like fucking staying at home like a loser.
Damnnn. Please.. by 1 or 2am if he's not back I shall head out to meet Beibi!
Please bear with me with only a few random pics in my post.
Normal post including many pics will be back on my new blog! :D

Please remember to relink meeee!

HAHAHAH! When Beibi is young. I think he look weird when he's young. :/
Okay la, not bad la. But not as cute as me. Gees.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Went to Courts with Mummy on Monday. To shop for everything.
Yeah, everything! With vouchers, you can do anything! Hahaha.
We bought bedsheets, curtains, pillows, cups, Omomo. So cool! Simply walk abt and get whatever I want.
Hahaha. After carrying things back home, cab to Beibi's place. To eat dinner? And watch Transformer2.
It's a show that dont mind watching few more times. Why? MEGAN FOX!
After this movie, she's like the hot topic everyone was talking abt. Hot sexy & pretty!
But I heard from people that she used to be a man? Ahh, whatever.
I only know she's hot. :p

On Tuesday, cab to Airport for a job interview.
I just love working at Airport man. The environment is good everywhere is clean and most importantly, no messy ppl around.
Still got another second round of interview to go :( Sian. If only I got the job. Teehee!
After the interview, went to meet up with Edwin sis! After sucha long time man.
As usual, lunch first then proceed to our plan.
Lunch at Geylang;smelly tofu. Then Katong to play pool&K.

While we're having our dinner, Edwin suggested to look for Queeny.
As he know where she's working right now.. And so.. went to get her favourite drink and a pancake & up to the shop.
I never know that facing someone that I wish to meet badly able to make my heart beat beats f. fast.
Before entering I was, shivering? Cant wait to see her but still afraid to see her.
Curious what her expression gonna be like. Curious what will she tell me when she first saw us.
Curious how she look like now. Curious how is she getting on..

Bringing up sucha big courage and look for her.
With her standing right in front of me, I turn speechless. There's so much I wish to tell her but I cant.
Well, finally I spoke.
"Been so long since I last met you. How're you?"..... Still beating v v v fast.. ZZZZ.
"Oh, I'm doing fine. Satisfied with my life!"


Conversation went on for abt 10 mins or so, she went back to work.
Sigh. Left with disappointment..
Guess its time. Its time to let go.. our 7 yrs of friendship.

I know you might be reading this post. I just want to let you know, I'm sorry for the sudden visit.
But still, glad that you're happy with your life. We might not be able to be friends again, but as long as you're happy, we'll be happy for you too.
If anything happen, I believe Stella, Edwin & me will still be there for you.

And guess you can get my number easily from anyone.
Just.. gimme a call if you need any help.
Be happy always.

With this..
We get these. Lol.
Spent 50 bucks on these items from Sasa.

Yes.. heart beating fucking fast..
Pink guava used to be her favourite drink.
Teo heng after that.

We signed our Life Time I.O.U while singing half way! Hahaha.
It's only between both of us.
Gonna do smth new with Stella love!

I know la.. Ppl have been reminding me that my handwriting like ants.
Cant even see the word. LOL.

Beibi came to find me!!! :D Sweet sweet love.

Sucha sweetheart :) Thank you. XOXO

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pictures post.

Finally received almost all the pics alr I guess. Hahaha.
Well, Friday which was the 25th was a suer tiring day. Work from 5pm to 8pm.
Went to Wisma for dinner with Stella love and headed over to Beibi's place.
Gees. It's the first time.. He drive me home! :D
Uh, he got his liscence for abt 1 yr alr. But this is the first time he drive me man. Hahaa.
Beibi, dont say I nv remind you. Go read up now!!!

Since 25th is the last day of work, another words, I gotta find a new job. Argh..
If only I can stay at home and be taitai.. :p
On the 26th, went over to Beibi's place to watch him sleep. -.-
At night, he drive me home again :) It's the second time. Yeah!

Oh btw readers! Please take note! I'll be changing blog url soon!
Due to the trouble Picasa gave. I'm forced to change url. If not, all my post gonna be filled with words only.
Wasn't able to upload pics. Once I've decided which url & successfully change I'll inform everyone!
So please take note!!!! :)

In total of 8 Santarinas.

Gift exchange! Depending on your luck that you draw-ed whose name & you got his/her present.
Gf got Edwin's present! A watch. Hahaa.
Darling got Serene's present! Cow stack-up cup.
I got Chevonne's present. Royce chocolate. Sigh. Hate receiving food for present.
It taste damn nice. But you know what? Abt half pack of the chocolate is in Chevonne's stomach -.-
She gave me the present but she finish it herself. Lol.

Beibi got Jiejie's present.
That's his love! Hahhaa. But the games inside damn hiong.(fierce) If you're really going to follow the rules of the game,
confirm.. within 1 hr you'll get drunk alr. Hahaha.

He just love it la. Hahahaha!

Liying & Michelle. They really look like twins pls.
Hahaha. But they're friends. They've knew each other for 7 yrs..

Look alike right.
Envy... If only she's still with me..
Orchard Road block from 1pm to 1am. Chingay occupied the road.
Gonna be the last time snapping pic of my costume :)
Love this job so much.

Beibi's mummy gave me chocolate as Christmas present.

Gees. While he's driving and I'm snapping pic. Just look at my smile k.
I'm duper happyyy!

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